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Tarmac Rally Experience

The Mcrae Ultimate Rally Experience

The world of rallying is, without doubt, the most spectacular and exciting form of motorsport on the planet. Rallying pits man and machine against the harshest environments that nature can conjure up. From the frozen gravel tracks of Scandinavia to the high altitude plains of South America and the twisty tarmac roads of the Mediterranean, man and machine go head to head with nature, and the clock.

The McRae Ultimate Rally Experience is the closest thing you can get to experiencing the adrenalin rush of World Rallying.

"I am continually asked what it feels like to drive a rally car to the limit and of the adrenalin it creates. It's something that is very hard to put into words so I guess the easiest way is to take you there" Alister McRae.

Choose the 'Ride Experience", strapped in alongside World Rally Driver Alister McRae as he shows the skill required to compete at the elite level at FULL RACE PACE!.

Why not opt to include the 'Drive Option', and learn the basics of Rally driving with one of our expert instructors.

If you would like to treat that special someone to the ride of a life time or would love to see the "lounge room expert" put in his place. GIFT VOUCHERS ARE AVAILABLE!

Smiles are guaranteed!

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