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Driver Training

Driver Training

There is little substitute for experience and competition miles when it comes to Rallying, but why not Fast Track the process and learn from a champion and his team.

Private Tuition

With Alister McRae's experience and approachable nature there is no one better equipped to help you develop and hone your rally driving skills. Alister will take you to a new plane of skill, developing your steering control, braking techniques, and gear choices. Making sure your new found skills are developed quickly, safely and to a level that you thought was not possible when you started your days driving with Alister.

Group Training

McRae Motorsport has a number of group training days organized for 2011. Each day is tailored to different levels of skill and experience using the unique McRae Motorsport three tier training program.

Using the skills that have made McRae a house hold name in international motorsport, McRae Performance Driver Training has been developed with Alister providing input and direction into the development of each training module. This approach has ensured the developed of a Performance Driver Training that is second to none

  • Level 1: Starting from zero or improve on your existing Performance driving skills. Be it driving safely on the open road, competing in Tarmac Rally, Gravel Rally or Circuit Racing in a V8 performance vehicle or sports car, you will gain invaluable knowledge from this performance driver training course.
  • Level 2: Advanced Performance Driving allows you to push your vehicle to a new Performance level effectively and safely. Understand your car, road or track conditions and use them to your advantage. As with level 1 performance driver training, the skills learned apply to all forms of performance driving. However, due to the increased levels all round, cars must be fitted with an approved roll cage.
  • Level 3: Provides ongoing training and support in developing advanced skills with a view to being the best you can be or why not consider a career in motorsport.

The result is a W.A. based resource that will enable new and experienced drivers to not only receive expert tuition in performance and motorsport driving, but to benchmark their knowledge and skill against one of the best.

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Information Pack

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